Review of my album on “Pick up your bass is a remarkable CD”

On June 7th 2017 the Dutch website (translation in English: wrote a  review on my album ‘Pick up Your Bass’.

Some quotes:

“Pick up your bass is a remarkable CD.
(..) She succeeded in incorperating a lot of different music styles, with the bass guitar at the centerpoint, in the same tradition as bass gods like Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke and Marcus Miller.(…)
The diversity in styles fascinates because of the smart way in which Simone has composed her music. (…)
She has developed a strong sense for melody and harmony, and swings like no other when she uses her slap technique.” ( Rinus van der Heijden)

Read the full review (in Dutch) here: review Pick up Your Bass

The review was written by Rinus van der Heijden.

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