“This recording really surprised me on so many levels. I expected the playing to be excellent, but I also loved the compositions as well.” –Alphonso Johnson (bassist with Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Carlos Santana and Phil Collins)


Superb bass playing (…) Not only musicaly, but also soundwise:  ‘Pick Up Your Bass’ is a masterpiece (….) With one strike Simone Croes assures herself of a creditable spot between the very best jazz bass players (…) a debut masterpiece” –Thoralf Koß,  (www.musikreviews.de)

Pick up your Bass CD


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An impressive, grooving Funk-Jazz and Fusion album, loaded with strong melodies. 
This album also has it’s open, sensitive moments. In a very tasteful way, the bass guitar is always in the center of the music.
10 Tracks, including the bonus tracks ‘Introduction’ and ‘South Africa’:
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Customer reviews:

“Simone!! Your CD is REALLY good and most of all: original. I have played it a couple of times in the car and you should be só proud of this production, the sound is TÓPLINE, the compositions are diverse in style, introvert sometimes, but also some very fat & sexy grooves and that horn section is HOT!! ‘Every day is a new day’ is on the repeat a lot, the music can be used as film music as it is, and this fat reggae groove bass lick, mmmmmm, it tastes great !! I take my hat off for you all the way! “ J.G.
“Great music and what an impressive bass sound. What a talent! On the way back in the car I’ve listened to your CD: Beautiful!! I could hear every little bass riff, every little vibrato etc. Awesome songs, very well executed. The song with cello and spoken word gives me goose bumps. I am enjoying myself very much here!” I.H.
“I have listened to your CD, and I think it’s A-WE-SOM-E :-) The sound, your licks, the compositions.. totally great!
..I had to let you know :-) Love, Willem”
“Great Album!. I love each and every one of the 10 tracks!”

More press reviews on the album Pick up your Bass

Dutch magazine ‘De Bassist’ ****
“Simone Croes fascinates from the very first to the very last track(….) A real bass album, and oh they sound só good; tasteful slap and melodic solos (….) Glowing compositions full of heart, nicely dosed virtuoso bass lines.”(Remus Aussen)

“Pick up your bass is a remarkable CD.
(..) She succeeded in incorperating a lot of different music styles, with the bass guitar at the centerpoint, in the tradition of bass gods like Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke and Marcus Miller(…)
The diversity in styles fascinates because of the smart way in which Simone has composed her music. (…)  She has developed a strong sense for melody and harmony, and swings like no other when she uses her slap technique.” (Rinus van der Heijden)

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