album : ‘Pick up your bass’ is a Debut Masterpiece

On 22 juli I received a review from Germany from the website Here are some quotes: “Superb bass playing” (…) ” Not only musicaly, but also soundwise:  ‘Pick Up Your Bass’ is a masterpiece” “With one strike Simone Croes ensures herself a creditable spot between the very best jazz bass players”(…) “a Debut masterpiece” … : ‘Pick up your bass’ is a Debut Masterpiece Read More »

Review of my album on “Pick up your bass is a remarkable CD”

On June 7th 2017 the Dutch website (translation in English: wrote a  review on my album ‘Pick up Your Bass’. Some quotes: “Pick up your bass is a remarkable CD. (..) She succeeded in incorperating a lot of different music styles, with the bass guitar at the centerpoint, in the same tradition as …

Review of my album on “Pick up your bass is a remarkable CD” Read More »

Recording Cheyenne Toney

So nice to work with the wonderful poetry of Cheyenne Herdigein (Cheyenne Toney) for my album. Semi-finalist in the Voice of Holland in 2013, and on September 8th this year she gave a great concert in P60 in Amstelveen with her own music. I am recording 2 songs with her this month, and on March …

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Video and photo shoot

Video shoot Simone Croes Last weekend I recorded two short videos and did a photoshoot. The videos will be posted on Youtube in the coming months. In the first video I will tell my personal story about the car accident that I had last year April on the highway A2. I’m not saying anything yet …

Video and photo shoot Read More »

Mixing sound with Jay-Tee

Still working hard with Jay-Tee Teterissa, to get the mix of the sound of each track just right. As you can see in the photo, we are busy with the drums : ) back to the home page

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